How much does LG TVs weigh? (43, 50, 55,65,70 inches smart TVs)

how much does lg tv weigh

How Much Does LG TV Weigh (43, 50, 55, 65, 70 Inches)?

If you are considering getting a new LG TV, there are several options to pick from. Amazingly, many factors come into consideration when getting a new TV like budget, screen size, room space, etc. 

In this article we will give you a detailed way to buy a LG TV. Keep reading!

How Much Does a LG TV Weigh?

LG is basically engaged with delivering televisions, home diversion, and kitchen apparatuses. 

Their televisions are known for giving superb quality at reasonable costs, settling on them an optimal decision for some families.

LG TV weight depends on the size of the TV. Typically, most LG TVs weigh approximately 28.2 Ib.s – 136 Ib.s depending on their inches. 

Knowing the dimensions of the space for which you want to purchase the LG TV will enable you to pick a LG television to best suit your necessities and your space can be a significant piece of the dynamic interaction.


Use these Tips While Buying a LG TV 

Dimension of LG: As you’ve proactively seen, screen size is significant in deciding how well the LG television will fit in your home. This will likewise influence the weight, which can be extensive, as we’ve shown. A significant viewpoint to ponder, particularly if dealing with this all alone.

Price of LG: LG televisions are notable for the moderateness they offer without holding back on quality. This will make it simpler to pick without agonizing over the effect on the item.

43-inch LG TV Weight

With a 43-inch TV screen, LG has thirteen different models. A 43-inch TV typically weighs 18.2 pounds without a stand and 18.4 pounds with one.

50-inch LG TV Weight

There are 14 models of LG televisions with 50-inch screens. A 50-inch TV typically weighs 26.4 pounds with a stand and 25.9 pounds without.

55-inch LG TV Weight

There are 40 models of LG with 55-inch TVs. A 55-inch TV typically weighs 35.1 pounds without a stand and 36.9 pounds with one.

How Heavy is a 65-inch LG TV? 

(65-inch LG TV Weight) | The 57 from LG has a 65-inch TV. A 65-inch TV typically weighs 51.3 pounds without a stand and 54.0 pounds with one.

70-inch LG TV Weight

There are 14 LG models with 70-inch TV screens. A 70-inch TV typically weighs 64.8 pounds without a stand and 66.1 pounds with one.


How Much Does a LG 55-inch TV weigh in kg?

There’s a difference between weight with stand and without stand.

Width x Height x Depth (without stand) ⇒ 123.7 cm x 72.1 cm x 6.3 cm

Weight (without stand) 16.1 kg

Width x Height x Depth (with stand) ⇒   123.7 cm x 79.4 cm x 24.8 cm

Weight (with stand) 17.6 kg

How Much Does a LG 50-inch TV weigh in kg?

The average is approximately 28 to 55 pounds (13 to 25 kg). 

How Much Does a LG 60-inch TV weigh in kg?

TV Weight in Kg is 24.2 kg

TV without Stand (WxHxD) ⇒  53.1” x 30.8” x 2.3”TV with Stand (WxHxD) 53.1″ x 33.2″ x 10.2″

TV Shipping Dimensions (WxHxD) ⇒  58.7” x 34.6” x 6.9”TV without Stand weight 51.3 lbs

TV with Stand weight 52.4 lbs 

Shipping Weight 63.7 lbs.

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