Why are Spotify Lyrics Wrong Sometimes? (And How You Can Fix It)

spotify lyrics wrong

Spotify lyrics Wrong, The Cause and Easy Fix!

Spotify is an amazing music streaming platform with numerals of genre ranging from Afro, Hip-Hop to the latest music making airways today. 

As technology has improved, record music labels aren’t investing in CDs any more due to the digital renaissance imparting the culture revolving around the way people listen to music and the way music is being produced. 

Spotify being a music streaming platform, has imparted the way people listen to their favorite jam, revolving around providing users the lyric while the song is playing making their experience a fantastic one.

There are a few reasons why Spotify lyrics are wrong most often and it’s due to two reasons: They are making a request through an API to another lyric platform like genius or google play music whose song lyrics/data isn’t correct, or they are uploading it with errors due to typo.  

That’s why bigger establishments like collecting song’s lyric from the artist themselves to avoid the lyrics being wrong. 

Wrong lyrics on Spotify The cause and Fix

Can you Report Wrong Lyrics to Spotify?

Yes, you can report incorrect lyrics to Spotify as they will make the corrections in due time.  Spotify lyrics wrong is an easy to fix problem. One may choose to edit the lyrics of their favorite song or report to Spotify and they can correct the lyrics.

Can Spotify lyrics be edited?

Yes, Spotify lyrics can be edited but it won’t take effect right away because it needs approval from the Musixmatch managers. 

Spotify now partners with Musixmatch to enable users to add lyrics and edit lyrics accordingly.  You can report a wrong lyric or edit it using the “edit” button right on the screen after the lyrics have been selected. 

How do you add lyrics to Spotify?

There are several ways to add lyrics to spotify and they are:

  1. The artist themselves can submit their lyrics to spotify.
  2. Any user streaming an album that doesn’t have any lyrics can reach out to spotify to submit the lyrics. 

How to Fix Spotify wrong lyrics?

Spotify has partnered with Musixmatch to manage the lyrics of their streaming platform. Musixmatch is a lyrics library that has a built- in feature of all types of song lyrics in the world. 

Musixmatch also provides different types of lyrics in different languages with a ton of amazing features added to spotify in real time. 

The music lyrics they provided are added to Spotify in real time making it efficient to share on other social media apps. 

Yes, when you click lyrics in the desktop app. There should be a button near the bottom right corner that says edit lyrics. You can change the lyrics there. 

Setting to have for lyrics on Spotify.

Setting to have for lyrics on Spotify

Depending on the versions of the Spotify apps you will have to configure a few settings in order to suit your desire as a user. 

However, they have thought about all the use cases and have given you an excellent product with great user experience based on the numbers of users on the platform. 

Carried out these settings to have lyrics on spotify:

  1. Open the “Spotify App”.
  2. Search for your desire song you want to play.
  3. Click the “now playing” bar at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Scroll down to see the lyrics. Therefore if Lyrics is not there, the version of Spotify you are using doesn’t support that feature. 
  5. Now you should see the lyrics of the song being displayed in real time, meaning the lyrics are flowing according to the song like in karaoke.  

Genius vs Musixmatch 

Being fierce competitors, they are both music libraries, but their pros and cons are distinguishingly submerged in the capabilities or features of both libraries.  

Lyrics from Musixmatch app have been programmed to be in-sync with the song in real time, whereas Genius lyrics are not, they are static lyrics. 

Sportily Lyrics not Showing. 

If your Spotify lyrics are not showing there, a way to turn it on. Kindly follow these steps: click on “music” and “scroll down” and click “Lyrics” to show the lyrics of the song. 

Spotify lyrics auto-generated 

In order to turn on this feature, kindly, click on “setting” and scroll down to where you see “auto generate” and turn it on. 

How long does Musixmatch take to upload to Spotify?

According to curators on Musixmatch, when they sync lyrics on Musixmatch it takes 2-4 days to synchronize music on their platform and be seen on Spotify.

Spotify Lyric Timing 

Spotify Lyric Timing

If you have added a song on Spotify and it’s still not synchronised yet, we’ve got you covered. 

  1. Transcribing Lyrics
  • You can add lyrics from the Musixmatch for Artist webpage. 
  • A Spotify Premium Account is required to sync lyrics and you need to use Chrome as a browser.
  • Listen to the song from a reliable audio source as you transcribe.
  • Only add lyrics you have transcribed yourself.
  • Transcribe all repeated parts in a song.
  • Transcribe the lyrical audio content only.
  1. Sync Lyrics 
  • After transcribing your lyrics click on the ‘Sync’ tab.
  • Click to select the correct timing for each line of lyrics while listening to the track.
  • Make any time adjustments with the plus or minus signs to the left of the phrasesNotes for syncing lyrics.

There are two ways to sync a song: Line by Line or Word by Word.


“Spotify lyrics wrong” is due to the number of users editing lyrics all the time and striving for perfection also brings a lot of error in the lyrics being generated from the music libraries.

If you are still having issues with synchronizing lyrics to Musixmatch kindly contact their support team.

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment and let us know if you need some technical assistance configuring any system.

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