How To Tell If Your TV Has a Hidden Camera? (Free Easy Fix!)

how to tell if your tv has a hidden camera

How to tell if your tv has a Hidden camera?

With the increasing growth in technology, life expectancy is decreasing due to the worries technology has bestowed upon electronics users that includes their privacy which is key in today’s world.

Most companies have noticed that with monitoring devices place in the least place expected can enable 

then track your daily life to properly target ads to your devices based on your IP Address.

I know it’s a bridge of contract that’s why in this article we will give you a few ways to detect hidden cameras on your Smart TVs. 

With no further delay, let’s take a deeper dive into our article on how to tell if your TV has a hidden camera. 

How Can You Detect Hidden Cameras on TV?

There are several ways to detect hidden cameras on your Smart TV. We’ve listed a few below, follow the instructions and you will detect the hidden cameras on your Smart TV if they exist.

  1. Check the border or bezel of your Smart TV as most TVs manufacturers place cameras in the bezel on your TV.
  2. Turn all lights off in the room and use your Smart Phone camera to properly inspect around the bezel of your smart TV to see if the camera lens magnification reflects. 
  3. If a camera is found, it is advisable to cover the lens until you want to put it to use.

Where is the bezel on my TV? The bezel is the frame of plastic around your TV. Uses your smart phone touch light to properly inspect around the bezel of your smart TV.

Does my Smart TV have a Hidden Camera?

Most television manufacturers will definitely include this information in the manual of your Smart TV, but most of them for some reasons might not include it as a means of spying on their users for selfish reasons.

There are several mediums in which our television manufacturers can spy on us and it’s by: Collecting our Smart TV Data & Using Cameras or Microphone. 

The data collected can be used as a means to target you directly with advertisements and sometimes if you are caught by the wrong team spying on you this might just be used as a means to extort money from you.  

Can Someone Watch You Through Your TV?

In most cases where the TV has a camera, it is possible for somebody to watch you through your TV.  In order to take precautions just disable the cameras on your Smart TV until you are willing to use that feature of your TV.  

If you are unable to disable the hidden camera from settings, kindly get a black tape and place it right over the camera covering the camera gently. 

Can a Cell Phone Detect a Hidden Camera?

Yes, this is possible if you use the smart phone’s light around the bezel of your Smart TV. You might just see the lens magnify.  

Can a TV Screen be Used As a Camera?

Yes, unfortunately most newer versions of Smart TVs were not designed to be a camera but because of the RGB light display it may be used as a camera. 

From a technical point of view by 2030 most televisions will have a camera embedded in them.

Is the red light on my TV a camera?

Not in most cases, most Smart TVs have a power light serving as an indicator that gives you a number of colors to alert you on the mode your TV has enabled. 

Some cameras on TVs also have a form of alert on the power light that indicates the camera is on but if a person wants to spy on you, they can easily disable the light while still activating the camera. 

Does Samsung TV have Camera?

No, most Samsung TVs don’t have built in cameras, but they do have microphones on them. However, if your Samsung TV has a camera, it can be found at the bezel of your TV screen.

What Data does Smart TV Collect?

Some Manufacturers use the data they collect to sell to advertising companies to target users with specialized consumer ads. 

Unfortunately, most Smart TVs are designed to function as computers with all the features of a personal computer like onscreen keyboard, cameras, microphones, browsers, etc. 

They are designed to function as computers just that they might have one cons and that’s portability issues. 

Every Smart device today is collecting some form of data, whether it’s been used for improvement of the company’s product or being sold to third parties for other purposes. 


Checking your smart TV to see if it has a hidden camera is an easy task to carried out especially when you have a smart phone with camera at the front or back of your device.

Smart TVs are design to operate as computers nowadays, therefore considers protecting your privacy. Detecting a spy camera is easier. Smart TVs also collects bites of data to help improve the software, just change few settings on the TV to give access to the data you want your device to collect.

Use this link to watch a video about Detecting Hidden Cameras on Your Smart TVs.

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