How to Fix a Broken TV Screen (Cracked Screen)

how to fix a broken tv screen
How to fix a broken TV Screen

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One of the most unfortunate situations that can ever happen to a person is mistakenly or intentional cracking their flat TV (LCD, LED, Plasma) Screen. Almost anything CAN be repaired – the question is whether it’s worth the effort and money to do so.

Whether your TV Screen got broken during relocation or your kids threw something at the tv screen, and you are probably wondering how to fix a broken tv screen.

Unfortunately, most often, you cannot fix a broken tv screen. Most TV manufacturers do not sell a spare TV Screens and there are no markets for used screens. Replacing it would cost more than buying a new TV.

Is it a CRT or an LCD/LED screen?

A CRT screen can be repaired by replacing the entire unit, including the glass faceplate, the funnel, the neck, and the back panel. This is beyond the skill of an ordinary person, and it requires special tools and equipment.

AN LCD/LED display is much easier to repair than an old CRT TV. However, if you are not technologically inclined, you may end up damaging your new flat panel display. If you think that this is something that you can handle, then go ahead and attempt the installation yourself. If not, then let a professional do it for you.

Frankly, LCD / LED TVs are now so affordable that a failing screen is an excellent reason to replace the entire device. A 40-inch TV can be bought for under $300 USD and even 50 inch and 55-inch models are nearing the $400 USD price tag. For what it would take to get a new one and fix it, you could just buy another brand-new unit instead.

Now if you are looking for a solution to fix this problem, check out our recommendations:

See Warranty here first:

Samsung TV

Sony TV


Vizio TV

NOTE: If your TV does not have a cracked screen and it’s just not coming on, you may be able to fall back on the TV manufacturer’s warranty.

If your TV display has actually dark locations, upright collections, little dots, abnormally vivid pixels, fading, distorted shading, or even color troubles, you could possibly have the capacity to make use of the guarantee.

Make sure to have your acquisition proof of purchase and also make note of the version amount and also serial amount on the rear of your TV. If your guarantee has actually ran out, you could connect with our company along with any type of concerns connected to your TV repair services

NOTE: If your flat-screen TV has dreadful upright lines, fifty percent of the display has been transformed darker, the display is fractured, or the display is damaged, this can surely be fixed however could set you back greater than you spent for the total TV. If your display is fractured or damaged, you can surely attempt changing the display, LCD, Plasma, or LED component.

NOTE: If your TV display is broken and harmed, it’s suggested that you have actually harmed the LCD, LED or Plasma show.

If this is your instance, we don’t suggest taking care of the damaged/broken display since it will certainly set you back you more to fixing your TV compared to change it with a brand-new one. I recognize this is not the solution you were aiming to listen to, sadly, by doing this we’ll conserve you a great deal of money and time while doing so.

NOTE: The replacement of common blown power capacitors. There were over a hundred million of TVs that had Chinese electrolytic capacitors that were poorly manufacturer. There are many guides on the Internet on how to identify and fix a flat panel TV with blown capacitors.

Black spots that are larger than a dead pixel(s) black spot are results of the liquid crystal that is normally encapsulated evenly in the LCD panel has dried up or moved leaving no Liquid Crystal thereby causing the panels interior’s to “bond” or join leaving no chance for the liquid to return or known simply as “stuck pixel”.

This can be caused by objects pressing against LCD with enough pressure to relocate the solution but not enough to break the screen or panel, but they can do it on their own probably due to manufacturer defect. This is not limited to television LCD’s as it can be found in any product with an LCD screen.


Since fixing a broken TV Screen is cumbersome, we recommend you see if the fault didn’t come from your negligence because you can use the warranty if you are still within the duration. Secondly, if it’s your fault or kids’ fault, we recommend you just get a new TV.

Unfortunately, Most Often, You Cannot Fix A Broken Tv Screen. Most TV Manufacturers Do Not Sell A Spare TV Screens And There Are No Markets For Used Screens. Replacing It Would Cost More Than Buying A New TV.

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