Vizio TV won’t Turn on (You should Tried this Fix First)

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If your Vizio TV refuse to power on don’t panic, there are several tricks we will show you in this module that will be a quick fix. Usually, it takes a few minutes of troubleshooting to get your TV up and running.

Depending on the Vizio TV model you have this is an in-depts guild that can be used for any model of Vizio TV. We can apply any of the below mention tricks.

Step 1: Check Your Remote Control

vizio remote control
Vizio TV Remote Control.

If you are trying to turn on your Vizio TV using the remote, it is more likely that the batteries are dead. You should replace old batteries with the newer ones and give it a shot. If it doesn’t work, then you know that your remote control is dead and it’s time to get a new one. However, if TV Remote Light comes on and the TV doesn’t come on you can apply step two.

Step 2: Power Cycle your Vizio TV

Vizio TV Power Cycle
Power Cycle Your Vizio TV

Most of the power related issues can be resolve by power cycling your Vizio TV. Unplug your power cable from the power outlet and leave it disconnected for few minutes.

Then, Press and hold the power button on the left or right lower side of your Vizio TV for ten seconds. Now, try turning on your TV again, if it doesn’t work try step three.

Step 3: Check the Condition of your Power Cord

Vizio TV Power Cord
Vizio TV Power Cord.

Your power cord is the cable from the power outlet to the back of your TV where the cable is plug.

Loose power cord will also be the reason why your TV won’t turn on. You have to check both the power outlet and the back of your TV where it’s plug if it’s firmly plug in. If it’s not firmly plug in, you have to make sure that the connection to both the power outlet and the back of your TV are firmly plug in. If it doesn’t work check to see if the current power outlet is working as that can also be a reason for the TV not turning on. If this step doesn’t work, try the next step.

Step 4: Replace Internal Components

Vizio TV replace internal components min
Vizio TV Internal Components.

If you understand electronics and how they work, you can troubleshoot the board to identify the potential power problem.

Most often in Vizio TV the problem might be the failing of the power supply board.

The most common part to fail on the power supply board is the fuse box which can be replace easily. However, it’s best to let a certified technician repair your TV as they will have all the necessary tools for this type of work.

Step 5: Contact Vizio Support

If any of the above solutions didn’t work for you the only option left for you is to contact the Vizio Support Team.

They will give you the final help, especially if you happen to be in the time of the warranty, it’s a great medium to have your Vizio TV replace.


Vizio Tv won’t turn on due to few reasons and with our complete guild you can troubleshoot the problems and resolve them. Using these simple steps:

  • Check your remote control (This can be easily replaced).
  • Power Cycle your Vizio TV.
  • Check the condition of your power cord (This can be easily replaced).
  • Replace the Internal Components (If you don’t have a technical knowledge take your Vizio TV to the repair shop).
  • Contact Vizio TV Support Team (If you still in time for warranty, fantastic).

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment and let us know if you need some technical assistance configurating any system.

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