Vizio Tv Power Cord (Easy proven Fix!)

A Vizio tv power Cords is one of the delegate parts of the Vizio tv and can easily get damaged or missing when moving your Vizio tv from one position to another.

In this post we will teach you how to avoid damaging your Vizio tv power cord, how to replace the power cord, locate the power cord connector plug on your Vizio tv and where you can buy a replacement power cord for your Vizio tv.

With no further delay, let’s take a deep dive!

What is a power cord on the vizio tv?

A power cord is an AC cable that is used to supply power to your device from the outlet. It’s a tine cable that runs from the back of the device to the power outlet or receptacle. Most TVs or devices comes with a power cord, and it can be used to power the device.

Both ends have a plug and below is a picture of the Vizio tv power cord.

Vizio tv power cord
Vizio TV Power Cord.

Most often when your TVs comes with the power cord, it’s American Wire Gauge (AWG) which is the standard wire gauge used in America for the conduction of the flow of electrons and protons (Electricity).

It was built to last longer and give the device the desire power flow and to have a standardize arm for devices in order to function with the flow of electrons and protons in that particular area.

Where does the power cord goes on the Vizio tv?

Like I stated initially, the Vizio tv power cord runs from the tv back to the outlet where you get electricity to turn on your device.

Where does the power cord goes on the vizio tv
This is where the power cord goes on the Vizio TV.

Follow the following steps to locate where the Vizio tv power cord is plugged.

  1. Check the back of you Vizio tv properly to see if there is a plug that looks like the cable you have in your hand. Usually, cables have a male and female types.
  2. Connect one end of the power cord to the back of the vizio tv.
  3. Plugged the other end of the power cord into the power outlet.
  4. Make sure you have firmly plugged both ends. Congratulations Now you can power your TV.

Can I get a longer power cord for my Vizio tv?

Yes, there are longer power cords for your Vizio TVs.

If you are trying to change your power cord, there are longer ones. However, it is advisable to look at the connector the goes into the device properly, it might be straight or right angled.

Double check the distance of the length of the power cord you will need, calculate the distance from the power outlet to your device in order to get the exact fit for your device as to avoid getting the wrong length.

What type of power cord does my vizio tv use?

In order to know the type of power cord your device use, check out the below listed models of Vizio tv and their power cord types to see if your TV model belongs to one of them.

Most newer models of Vizio tv are listed below:

E40-C2, E40x-C2, E43-C2, E48-C2, E55-C2, E65x-C2, E500i- A1

E320i-A0 E241-A1 E241i-A1 E280i-A1 E290-A1 E291i-A1 E320i-B1 E320-B2 E320FI-B2 E390i-B0 E400i-B2 M492I-B2 M552I-B2 M652i-B2 D650i-B2 E28h-C1 E32H-C1 E40-C2 E40x-C2 E43-C2 E48-C2 P50-C1 M65-C1 M75-C1 P75-C1 D24-D1 D43-D2 E43-D2 E43u-D2 D50u-D1 E50u-D2 D55-D2 E55u-D2 E600i-B3 E60u-D3 E65u-D3 D40f-G9 D65-D2 D65U-D2 E70u-D3 M70-D3 M80-D3 D24H-E1 D32f-E1 D32HN-E1 D39F-E1 D43f-E1 D43-E2 D43f-E2 D43n-E4 D50n-E1 E50-E1 M50-E1

D50-E1 D55f-E2 D55n-E2 E55-E2 P55-E1 E65-E1 E75-E1 M75-E1 D24F-F1 D32h-F0 D43F-F2 D55-F2 E43-F1 E55-F1 E65-F1 D32F-E1 D32F-F1 D40F-F1 P65-F1 P75-F1 SB3831-D0 V436-G1 D32hn-D0 E55-E1 E65-E1 D55u-D1 D50-D1 M50-C1 M557-G0 D39F-E1 PQ65-F1 D55X-G1 P55-F1 D32H-F1 D43-F1 D50-F1 P55RED-F1 V556-G1 V555-G1 D24h-G9 D32h-G9 V405-G9 V505-G9 V506-G9 V655-G9 V655-G6 D24F-G1 D32F-G1 M507-G1 M658-G1 PX65-G1 PX75-G1 V585-G1 V705-G1 P759-G1 sb3621n-e8 D32hn-E4 V555-H11 V435-H11 M50Q7-H1 M55Q7-H1

M65Q7-H1 P65Q9-H1 P75Q9-H1 D40n-E3 D24hn-G9 E320-A0 D32h-C0 D43F-F1 D50F-F1 D32HNX-E1 D43N-E1 SB3651ns-H6 SB3241n-H6 SB3621n-H8 V605-H3 M651D-A2R M501d-A2 M551d-A2 M651d-A2 E70-F3 E700I-B3 SB362An-F6 V605-G3 M437-G0 V655-H19 V555-H1 V555-H11 V585-H1 V585x-H1 V585-H11 M586x-H1 V405-H9 V405-H19 V505-H9 V505-H19 V605-H3 V655-H4 V655-H9 V655-H19 V705-H3 D32h-F4 D43fx-F4 D65x-G4 V505-H19 SB3831-C6M

E500i-A1 SB3621n-F8M E70-C3 E55-D0 D32f-G4 D50x-G9 m656-g4 E50-D1 E32-C1 S4251w-B4 v405-h19 V656-G4 D48-D0 M55-C2 M65-D0 SB3820-C6 D39h-C0 D24h-J09 D32h-J09 D24f-J09 D24f4-J01 D32f-J04 D32f4-J01 D40f-J09 D43f-J04 V435-J01 V505-J09 M43Q6-J04 M55Q6-J01 M556-H1 V555-J01 M50Q6-J01 V585-J01 M556-H4 V655-J09 V655-J04 V705-J03 V705-H13 M65Q6-J09 V705x-J03 M50Q7-J01 V755-J04 M55Q7-J01 V756-J03 V706-J03 M58Q7-J01 M70Q6-J03 M75Q6-J03 V756x-J03 M65Q7-J01 M70Q7-J03 M75Q7-J03 P65Q9-J01 P75Q9-J01 P85QX-H1 P85QX-J01 D32h-J09 E420-A0 D58u-D3

They all use this type of power cord…

Vizio TV Power Cord
Make Sure the connector looks just like that. One side is round, and the other side is square.

Most older versions of Vizio tv uses the following power cord:

Vizio tv old model power cord
Vizio tv old model power cord

Where to buy replacement for the power cord on my Vizio TV?

Most people have ways to get this done but if you don’t know where to get it from it’s fine, we will show you where to get one from.

Note: You can’t just take one power cord from one Vizio tv to another because they might not have the same connector that’s plugged into the tv.

You can get it from the following amazon sellers:


If your Vizio TV power cord has been pinched or missing just follow the following instructions:

First you have to get one power cord and just look behind your Vizio TV to find the plug connector for you to plug on end of the power cord in the back of the device. Secondly, plug the other end of the power cord to the power source.

However, if you have further questions, you can reach the support team of Vizio TV ===> CLICK HERE

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