Why won’t my Facebook stay in dark mode? (Easy Quick Fix!)

Why Won’t My Facebook Stay in Dark Mode

Why Won’t My Facebook Stay in Dark Mode?

If you are reading this article, it means you are asking “Why won’t your Facebook stay in dark mode?” However, keep reading, it might take you a few minutes to resolve this issue.

Why Won’t My Facebook Stay in Dark Mode?

There are several reasons why your Facebook dark mode suddenly stops working on your device; reasons that might surface based on your device settings or reasons that might also occur based on your inability to configure Facebook dark mode.  

Let’s go straight to the point by diving into the solution.

Some reasons why your facebook dark mode refuses to turn on is due to one of the aforementioned below.  

  1. Check your device’s dark mode configuration settings.
  2. Check your Facebook App dark mode configuration settings.
  3. Check your Facebook Software Update.
  4. Clear browser cookies and cache.
  5. Remove the extensions blocking the website’s full function.

Check your Device’s Dark Mode Configuration

Don’t look any further checking your device dard mode settings is an excellent way to start troubleshooting this dark mode issue. 

There might be a configuration setup on your device that’s stopping your Facebook App from staying in dark mode. 

If your device is set to light mode and you are activating the dark mode on Facebook, there might be a conflict in instructions as the device settings sometimes overrides the apps or websites function. 

You might have to check the settings and change it to dark mode. 

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Check Your Facebook App Dark Mode Configuration

You can check the facebook app dark mode configuration, it might not be activated yet on your account. 

Maybe, your device is already set to dark mode but the app is not in dark mode yet. This means you have to turn the feature on in your account.

In order to turn on dark mode, apply the following steps:

  1. Open the facebook App
  2. Go to Settings and Privacy 
  3. Click from the drop down menu “Dark Mode”
  4. Click the On option to turn dark mode on.

Check Your Facebook Software Update

Sometimes there might be a recent update that might have some errors and is causing your facebook App to not function properly. 

To check your software update, go to your App Store or Play Store to check for a recent update to download as it sometimes fixes the bugs in the older versions of the application software. 

Clear Browser Cookies and Cache

This is a little technical, but we’ve got you covered. Firstly, understand the use of Cookies and Cache on a Browser then you will better understand the angel from which we are recommending this solution. 

The Cookies and Cache acts as a temporary storage for most events/ services on the websites we usually visit using a browser and this might be the reason you have been making the changes, but it didn’t take effect due to the browser caching the older version of the site for fast load time and excellent user experience. 

Clearing the cookies and cache on a browser will remove all the older versions of that website that have been cached on that browser. 

Remove Extensions Blocking the Website’s Full Function 

There may be few extensions that we have installed to carry out a certain function in our browser and those extensions have been enabled causing our browser to mid-function. 

Check your list of extensions to see if there’s a possible risk that one of them might be stopping your browser to function properly. 


Facebook once progressively introduced the dark mode option to a few select Facebook members and gadgets. Today, however, it is openly accessible to all Facebook users and all gadgets.

You must first ensure that you are using the most recent Facebook app version if you are using the Facebook app for Android or iOS. This is crucial since the dark mode functionality is exclusive to the new and updated Facebook version.

Select the arrow symbol in the top right corner of Facebook and look for the menu option to switch to the New Facebook, which offers the dark mode background, if you are using the Facebook application for web and MacOs browsers. Generally speaking, if you are using an older Facebook version, you will be required to update to a newer version to access the Facebook dark mode feature.

Use this link to read more about Facebook Dark Mode Settings.

Thanks for reading. Leave a comment and let us know if you need some technical assistance configuring any system.

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