How to clean headphones pads? (Easy Free Fix!)


Cleaning Headphones Pads

We’ve all seen cases where a friend wants you to listen to their favorite audio or video and hand you their headphones, but the pads are so dirty that you are embarrassed to wear them.

Or you got a headphone that you placed in a dusty environment for an extended period, and now you want to start using them again, it needs cleaning, but you need to know how.

However, you also want to encourage your friend to clean their headphones pads, but they need to learn how to clean headphones pads. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

This article has a detailed breakdown on how to clean headphones pads.

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How to Clean Headphones Pads?

Use a non-abrasive liquid cleaner like peroxide to clean headphones. To clean a cotton cloth, dampen it by dipping it in the liquid. 

Then, wring it to make sure it is not too moist. First, unplug your headphones. 

Too much liquid can cause damage to the headphones, especially if it gets into the headphones. For dirt and debris removal, a cotton cloth is sufficient. 

However, if you need a more aggressive scrubber, nylon netting, or even a toothbrush is recommended. Just make sure it isn’t saturated or dripping before you start scrubbing.

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Headset Earcup Openings

Make sure that the headset openings are free from debris and must be kept clean. Before each flight, ensure that each earcup’s openings are clean.

Be careful not to push dirt or other debris into the headset ear cups when wiping them down. If necessary, use tweezers to remove any foreign matter. 

The headset may be damaged if you blow air into the openings or vacuum them.

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Cleaning of Headband Cushion 

-Keep them in the case. This helps to reduce dirt and bacteria exposure.

-Wash your earbuds daily. Do not submerge your earbuds in water. Too much water can damage them.

-Make sure to clean them before and after each use. After taking them out, you should do the exact same. You should still wash them every day, even if they are done.

-Peroxide cleansing – Avoid using antibacterial products like hand soap. They leave behind a residue.

A gentle cleanse can be done by dampening a soft cloth with hydrogen Peroxide (heavily dispersed with water) and wiping your earbuds. It’s best to do this at most once a week. However, you can do it daily.

-Use a solution of water, mild detergent to clean the cushion. After allowing the cushion to dry, reattach it.

Types of Ear Cushions 

When it comes to headphones, ear cushions it’s also comparable to why people buy a certain type of headphone more than others, most people buy headphones based on three key aspects and they include: Sound, Comfort and affordability. 

I know you are wondering what the types of ear cushions have to do with why people buy headphones, just a minute you will fully understand. 

Basically, there are three types of ear cushions and they are Leatherette, Foam and Vinyl .

Leatherette Cushion

 – It’s replaceable. 

– It’s very easy to clean a leatherette ear cushion. 

– With the leatherette insulation, this is the best option for noise cancellation. 

– Comfortability is a plus for longer work hours. 

Foam Cushion

– It’s easily replaceable. 

– Very easy to clean especially for headphones that are mostly used in the library and other public places.

–  Foam cushions are a cheaper and affordable option.

– Highly comfortable for longer work hours just don’t have too much noise cancellation. 

Vinyl Cushion

– It’s also replaceable.

– It’s easy to clean a vinyl ear cushion.

– Vinyl cushions are a bit comfortable.

– With the vinyl insulation, this is one of the best options for noise cancellation.

Some Popular Headphones Cushions

Bose Headphones Cushions

Sony Headphones Cushions


We’ve given you a step-by-step guide on how to clean headphones pads, this is a really great content just to conclude cleaning headphones pads are easy and you can use a solution of water, a mild detergent to clean cushion.

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